Thursday, April 9, 2009


What is a balanced diet?
how should we prepare it to keep it safe and nutritious?
what sort of exercise is best or good health?
here, i want to give you some tips or strategies to get a balanced diet...
1) eat enough calories and not too many. it includes carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fats, mineral salts and fibre.
2) drink more water. water helps flush our systems to waste toxins.
3) limit sugary foods, salt, and refined-grain products.
4) get can reduce your risk of many diseases.
5) avoid stress while eating. try to make relaxing atmosphere.
6) listen to your body.

to get a healthy body..u should eat healthy food...such as protein..carbohydrates n etc..
n de most important..low fat...especially when eating nasi lemak..(urgh.. my feveret food la..)
drink more water...mineral water..not coke..pepsi...7up...(my feveret drink gak)...
avoid stress while eating..(my when i'm in stress mood)
seems like my habit opposite to the diet balance..hehe..
for those in diet..u have to disicpline healthy food..n do more exercise...
my exercise...??? zzzzz(sleep) ..hehe....

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