Wednesday, April 8, 2009


dis article is 4 person who like rose so much...

me..??no...i prefer chocolate..(tp kalo de org bg ak amek je..hehe..)

each colour represent different meaning...

Red roses.
-the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a time-honored way to say "I love you." The red rose has long symbolized bea
uty and perfection.

Pink roses.
-As a symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as an expression of admiration. Pink roses can also convey appreciatio
n as well as joyfulness

Yellow roses.
-Signify friendship, joy gladness and freed
om, the promise of a new beginning.

White roses.
-Spiritual love & purity, the rose of confession, the bridal love; “You are heavenly”, “I am worthy of yo

Lavender roses.
-To convey the message of “love at the f
irst sight” with that special someone.

Orange roses.
-Passionate desire, pure enthusiasm and fascination.

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